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Welcome to the web site of  K L P Metal Polishing Specialists

I specialise in high quality Metal Polishing, Metal Reconditioning, and Stainless Steel Artwork

I offer the highest standard of professional, high quality metal polishing in the North West.


All polishing carried out by myself through the use of bench mounted or hand held grinder,s polishers, buffers.

I can manage items up to 4 ft in my workspace.

Weld Dressing and Blending  -  Full Polish of Fabrications, Re-Polish - Finish Restoration.

Stainless Steel - Brass - Copper - Bronze - and Aluminium.

Satin - Brushed - Bright or Mirror Finishes.

Ornamental - Decorative - Artwork - Architectural

Motor Vehicle - Cycle - Pharmaceutical

One off’s or Small Batches

If you would like a quote or just advice, please email me at

Or telephone 01942 803964